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Infographic, Girl Develop It

The Project

Girl Develop It is an organization that helps women of all ages learn to code in a judgement-free atmosphere. I was asked to create an infographic to celebrate the organization's 5-year anniversary.

I began by working with them to gather noteworthy statistics. Then, I determined content strategy based on the information we had. The infographic would have 4 sections:

  1. History
  2. Today's milestones
  3. Growth statistics
  4. Events & programs

I created wireframes and illustration samples along the way, and we worked together to write and gather content to fill out the infographic.



The final infographic begins with Girl Develop It's roots and shows how far they've come. It highlights statistics, growth metrics, community programs, and closes with a call to action to get involved.

View the full version here.

Info bits

To get the most mileage out of the infographic, I also delivered what I call "info bits". They're bite-sized PNGs of each module from the infographic for Girl Develop It members to reuse and reorganize into presentations, brochures, or on the web like I did here.

Between the infographic and its individual parts, GDI could to show off the impressive statistics from the infographic where ever they pleased.

Girl Develop It!
Project scope
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Summer 2015