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Team Cards, Girl Develop It

The Project

Coming off of the infographic that I made for Girl Develop It, I was asked to create a new set of business cards for the team.

I began by reusing the information from the previous business cards to create a variety of designs with the same color, fonts, and illustration style from the infographic.

After we decided on a layout, I used Moo's printfinity option to create a template with a variety of illustrations for each member's cards.


Business Cards

New business card design.


In addition to the new design, I created a template in Illustrator with instructions for how to edit and export the new cards. The template is completely locked except for one symbol for the employee's contact info. When the employee edits the symbol, the whole design is updated. The only thing left to do is follow the export steps and upload to Moo.

Business card template.

Girl Develop It!
Project scope
Summer 2016