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Summit Logo, Girl Develop It

The Project

Every year, Girl Develop It hosts a summit for chapter leaders and organizers from all over the country. It's a time to gather, share ideas, and celebrate eachothers' achievements. GDI commissioned me to make a logo that would commemorate the 2016 summit in Austin.

The requirements for the logo were that it represented the geographical setting, mentioned the summit's year and location, and represented the spirit of Girl Develop It.

First draft

The timeline for this project was very quick, so we only had time for one set of revisions. The team felt that the woman in this initial design looked a little lonely in the desert by herself, so I gave her some friends.

Final Design

The final design portrays a couple of strong ladies joining hands in the arid landscape of the southwest United States.

2016 Summit Logo on light and dark backgrounds.

Girl Develop It!
Project scope
Fall 2016