UO Responsive Site

Interaction Design, Product Mgmt

Over the course of a year, I worked with various stakeholders to create a cleaner, more user-friendly, device-appropriate, and technically efficient website that supports Urban Outfitters’ global business without the need for a mobile-specific site. The responsive site optimizes the customer-facing experience through a combination of redesigns and functional improvements. Most importantly, this single codebase provides simpler maintenance for internal development and a solid foundation for future enhancements.

My role encompassed wireframing and prototyping the entire website across devices, then scoping these new product requirements into epics, stories, and tasks for development. In a partnership with the development team, I laid out sprint plans and feature releases leading up to the public launch of the new site. In parallel, I supported our creative team while they developed the look and feel of the new site from my wireframes. My proudest achievement in this project came from successfully facilitating collaboration between these two previously siloed teams. Through frequent meetings, 1-on-1’s, and general positive vibes, I helped these teams build the relationship they continue to grow today.
Visit the responsive site here.