UO Product Page

UX, Interaction Design, Product Mgmt

The product detail page (PDP) is the most important page in the shopping experience for driving conversion, and at Urban Outfitters it is also the most common point of entry to the website. Information from the UO call center told us that customers’ main hesitations when buying a product online were questions of fit, color, and quality. The PDP would need to captivate customers, convey maximum detail, and lead to a confident purchase.
The redesigned product detail page emphasizes visual information above all else to demonstrate fit, color, and material to the customer. On the desktop experience (through which 75% of sales occur), a large image grid displays all angles of the product at once and allows customers can get a holistic view of the item without interaction. When the user clicks an image, it scales to take over the view, and the grid turns into a carousel of huge, high quality images.
User Generated Content
The redesigned PDP also integrates user-generated content by pulling in Instagram posts of a given product with the hashtag #uoonyou. This allows past customers to show off their personal style, and helps prospective shoppers picture how they might wear the item. Check out this popular dress to see how customers are making it their own.
Related Products
The new PDP lets web merchants associate products to one another in a shop-able tray of 'related products'. This is useful for product collections or mix-and-match items, and soon will be rebranded as "Shop the Look" to allow customers to buy the model's head-to-toe outfit. Today, related products can be found on most bedding items such as this top-selling duvet.
After releasing the redesigned PDP, we saw a slight drop in total items added to cart, but a higher conversion rate overall, which suggests that the new design weeds out unconfident carting and heightens purchase follow-through of customers that do add the product to their cart.