UO Navigation & Taxonomy

UX, Interaction Design, Product Mgmt

Urban Outfitters’ former navigation had grown so large that it was ineffective in allowing customers to find items, browse products, and traverse through the website. To define a concise product taxonomy within each department, I conducted research to understand customer semantics (see below) and used this data to build consensus with the merchandising teams. I then prototyped the interaction pattern of the new navigation, collaborated with creative teams on the visual aesthetic, and worked with front-end development, IT, and web production teams to launch the project.

The new information architecture divides hundreds of sub-categories among the new taxonomy in manageable dropdowns. With the new navigation and taxonomy, we’ve increased product exposure and seen that on average, customers view more categories per session than with the previous navigation. The redesigned navigation pattern guides customers down a gradual path and allows them to shop in concise categories where they can visually identify what they want.
Slides from a deck that was shared with merchandising teams, explaining open card sort and tree test results which prove that the new taxonomy improves navigation usability.
Before & after.