The Trestleator

Interface Design

The Trestleator is a custom projection application for the Trestle Inn, a gogo-inspired bar that blends vintage with high-tech. The Trestleator controls a massive video collage projected on the bar's high exposed walls; a glowing backdrop for classy go-go dancers and authentic whiskey sours. The application allows the bar to manage their expansive archive of vintage videos and curate each night's projections according to tags.
The Trestleator is set up in two steps. First, bar managers upload videos to a computer tucked away behind the bar with the Trestleator's desktop app. Second, the videos are given any number of custom tags (ie. Black + White, Tina Turner, Go-Go). From there, the mobile app takes over.
The Trestleator's mobile app lets users set the night's ambience by blending tags from the app's libary, and picking one of four pre-set video arrangements.

The mobile app can be accessed anywhere a wifi connection exists, so managers can easily control the Trestleator remotely and at a moment's notice.
Kyle Stetz and Kerry Gilbert of P'unk Avenue are the master engineers behind the Trestleator, and the ones to thank for reliable, uninterrupted Trestleator service.