Branding, Website, + Interface Design

Squareknot is a learning platform that breaks free from academia and finds its place in the world as a DIY community for building and sharing collaborative projects. Together with Steve Streisguth, I designed the identity, branding, landing page, and interface design of the product.

Squareknot began as Goodsemester, an online tool for universities that allowed students to collaborate outside of the classroom. But when semesters ended, GoodSemster transformed into a community of people sharing activities that they simply loved to do, regardless of academic agendas. Gamers shared ideas about game design, and photographers used the platform to receive feedback on their work and ways to improve. The team enthusiastically embraced this peer-to-peer model - so much that GoodSemester would transform from a classroom tool into a project-centric platform. The product would need a whole new identity.
Squareknot is an online community for makers, tinkerers, and explorers of new creative territory. The product features collaborative step-by-step projects that have the ability to branch in new directions, and create unexpected connections between otherwise distant activities.

"Squareknot" was the name chosen to represent the product. The word is rid of any relation with education, which was an idea that immediately put the lights out on GoodSemester to a wide range of users. Second, a squareknot affords strong visual branding, which is a commodity for online intangibles. And lastly, a squareknot represents the strong, balanced, cyclical connections to be found within the platform itself.
Landing Page
Visit Squareknot's landing page here.
At the time the landing page was built, Squareknot, as a product, was also being designed. Therefore, the website would have to acquaint users with Squareknot's philosophy without explaining its feature set.

A slider dominates the top of the page, cycling through types of users, organizations, and activities one might find on Squareknot. The images loop, ending on the message- "Squareknot: where little hands can make big waves". Some other favorite statements include "where Frank Lloyd Wright can make teeny houses", and "where sustainable design can feed a community".
Hover on the circles!
At its core, Squareknot is a service based on three things- Asking, Sharing, and Making. Together, these actions make learning possible on Squareknot and in the world. Steve Streisguth and I created interactive animations to playfully illustrate these features (above).
Squareknot launches in 2014. For information about my role as interface designer of the application, please contact me.