If you asked me to draw my career path, it would be a wavy line that dips into development and illustration, but always comes back to design.

My passion project is my Chrome extension, Tabby Cat. If you only had 5 minutes to get to know me, I'd suggest installing it and reading this article about my thoughts on productivity and happiness.

Most recently, I was a Designer/Developer at Opower where I built experiences that help people save energy. Learn about how I used design systems to make clear, consistent, and configurable products in this case study.

In my not so distant past, I oversaw the online shopping experience at Urban Outfitters as a Product Manager/Interaction Designer. My biggest contributions were the redesigned product page and navigation.

Sometimes I freelance graphic design and illustration for Girl Develop It, a non-profit that helps women learn to code. I'm proud to have designed this infographic, this logo, and these cards.

I like making installations that use technology to augment your environment and make you think.

My industrial design thesis project combined my love of soft-product design and cycling into a line of female-friendly commuter gear. Learn more.