Leslie Zacharkow

UX designer & developer living in San Francisco.

More Projects


Website + Interface

Cardar is a shareable app for keeping track of your shareable car.

The Trestleator


The Trestleator is custom projection software for the Trestle Inn, a gogo-inspired bar that blends vintage with high-tech. The Trestleator lets the bar pick and manage videos according to tags, and easily control each night's video collage from a mobile-app.

Flora Catalogus

Installation + Experience

Nature assumes the role of John Bartram, the early American horticulturist, in this interactive sound collage. How would a solitary tree choose to catalogue its experience with us? Visitors are encouraged to talk, sing, or hum, and hear how the tree responds.


Branding, Website, + Interface

Squareknot is a learning platform that breaks free from academia and finds its place in the world as a DIY app that's sure to be your next creative outlet.


Product Design

Cyclista is a line of garments and accessories that offer women of all ages fashion-forward commuter gear. Cyclista is based on the belief that women need not sacrifice beauty for their choice to cycle.